3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial HVAC System

You rely on your commercial HVAC system to keep your employees and customers comfortable while you do business. Many entrepreneurs put off upgrading their commercial HVAC system due to the costs, but the investment is well worth it. Learn more about the three benefits of upgrading your commercial HVAC system in Phoenix, AZ.

Higher Energy Efficiency

An HVAC system’s energy efficiency rating measures how much energy the system uses to generate a specific temperature. The higher the efficiency rating, the more efficient the system.

HVAC systems with an Energy Star sticker use less energy, saving your business money on utility bills. Additionally, Energy Star commercial HVAC systems release fewer pollutants, reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Many clients and customers prefer to shop with green companies, so the upgrade can attract a new type of customer.

In order to ensure that your commercial HVAC system remains efficient, schedule regular HVAC maintenance. A service technician will inspect your commercial system and change the filters as part of the appointment. As a result, you’ll maximize cooling and heating efficiency.

Convenient HVAC Zoning Options

Some of the most efficient HVAC systems available are ductless mini-splits. These systems allow you to control the temperature in zones, which is especially helpful in large buildings. These systems also don’t suffer from standby heat loss.

Advanced Comfort Control

Upgraded HVAC systems often provide temperature control much more quickly than old ones. You can also improve comfort with the help of smart thermostats. Smart thermostats will not only contribute to better energy efficiency, but they will also allow you to control the system from anywhere when you need to change the temperature for unexpected meetings.

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial HVAC system in Phoenix, AZ, contact Island Breeze AC for a quote today. We’re more than ready to assist you.

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