How to Improve Heat Pump Efficiency in Phoenix, AZ

An efficient heat pump optimizes energy usage, keeps your Phoenix, AZ, home comfortable at all times and doesn’t break down often. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your heat pump’s efficiency. In this article, we will go through ways to increase your heat pump efficiency.

Replace Your Air Filter

An air filter fitted in the heat pump catches contaminants from your indoor air as the air enters the system. These pollutants block the filter with time, creating airflow problems.

Your heat pump struggles to draw air from your house through the clogged filter. Consequently, it works for a longer period than usual, resulting in accelerated wear and tear of its components.

Consider inspecting and replacing your air filter every month. This prevents your heat pump from overworking.

Schedule Maintenance Services

Maintenance services keep the heat pump working optimally by ensuring all its components are in good working condition. A maintenance procedure involves cleaning all components, repairing faulty parts, lubricating moving parts and inspecting the thermostat and electrical connections. Consider scheduling maintenance services at least two times per year.

Replace an Old Heat Pump

As your heat pump ages, its efficiency goes down gradually. This is because its parts wear out with time.

An old heat pump breaks down often, interrupting your indoor comfort and inflating the repair costs. Consider getting a new heat pump after every 10 years, as per ENERGY STAR’s recommendations.

Address Breakdowns Immediately

Signs of a faulty heat pump include unusual sounds and smells, running constantly, short cycling, frozen evaporator coils and hot and cold spots in your house. Seek repair services immediately when you notice these signs to prevent the underlying problem from worsening.

Boosting your heat pump efficiency allows the system to serve you for a longer time without problems. Don’t hesitate to contact Island Breeze AC for professional heating services if you need a heat pump tuneup. We offer exceptional services to keep our clients happy all year.

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