Save Energy and Money With Ductless Air Conditioning

Are you building a new house in Surprise, AZ? Or maybe you’re adding a mother-in-law suite to your existing home. Finding an energy-efficient way to cool your living spaces will help you save money, and ductless air conditioning can help. Read on to learn about single- and multi-zone ductless AC systems and their benefits.

Single-Zone Ductless AC

A single-zone ductless air conditioner contains one indoor air handler and one outdoor compressor. The two units connect via a small conduit. If you don’t want to pay to extend your central air conditioner’s ductwork to cool a new living space like a garage conversion, mother-in-law suite or home addition, install a single-zone ductless AC system. Here are the benefits of installing a single-zone ductless air conditioning system in your additional living space:

  • Installs easily – can be up and running within a few hours.
  • Don’t lose conditioned air and waste money because of leaky ducts.
  • Customize the room’s comfort with single-zone temperature control.

Multi-Zone Ductless AC

Do you want to transform your house into an energy-saving haven? A multi-zone ductless air conditioner works like a single-zone installation with one exception: instead of one indoor air handler, it contains several. You can install up to eight indoor air handlers to split your house into several climate control zones. Each features a thermostat and remote control. Here are the benefits of installing a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system in your property:

  • Don’t spend money on filter replacements; ductless filters are washable.
  • Stop wasting money heating or cooling empty areas of your house.
  • Allow everyone in your household to enjoy their preferred temperature setting.

When you invest in ductless air conditioning, you’ll also stop paying for ductwork services to clean and repair dirty or damaged ducts. To learn more about ductless HVAC technology, contact Island Breeze AC. We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns and help you install the best mini-split setup for your unique comfort needs.

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