What AC Maintenance Entails and Its Cost-Saving Benefits

The sun is shining bright and the weather is hot in Phoenix, AZ. If you haven’t already, you must prepare your air conditioner for the heavy workload it’ll endure during this cooling season. If you don’t, you’ll pay for it via higher energy and repair costs. Here are four AC maintenance tips to optimize your air conditioner for efficiency:

Check the Thermostat Settings

How you set your thermostat significantly impacts cooling efficiency and cost savings. If you still use a manual thermostat to adjust your air conditioner, you’re wasting hundreds of dollars of energy every year. A smart thermostat allows you to control your AC system remotely and can automatically make adjustments after learning your daily habits. Ideally, you should keep your home’s temperature between 72 and 78 degrees. Avoid drastic fluctuations.

Check the Air Conditioner’s Filter

Your air conditioner’s filter stops particle pollutants from collecting in the system and circulating in your house. As a result, it helps prevent inefficient cooling and poor indoor air quality. The filter must be clean, though. During the cooling season, check the filter every month. If you notice it’s dirty, replace it with a fresh filter.

Check for Air Leaks in Your House

Air leaks allow cold air to escape and hot air to enter, increasing your air conditioner’s workload, cooling costs and repair bills. Use weatherstripping and caulking to seal gaps and cracks in windows and doors.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Of course, the easiest way to protect your air conditioner during the cooling season is to prepare it beforehand. Professional AC maintenance does precisely that. Our service technicians will do everything from checking the refrigerant levels and wiring to flushing the condensate drain. We’ll ensure your AC system operates optimally.

It’s never too late to schedule professional AC maintenance for your air conditioner in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Island Breeze AC to schedule your visit today. Our team will ensure you cool your house for less this summer.

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