Where Is My Home in Peoria, AZ, Losing Heat?

Preventing heat from flowing out of your home is important. To keep everyone warm, you’ll likely experience higher heating bills to maintain your desired comfort level if your home is losing heat. It’s important to understand where your heat may be leaking out of your Peoria, AZ, home and take preventative action to save money.

HVAC Ductwork

As your HVAC system carries on its daily work, it may bring dust or other debris from outside. Though your system’s filters should prevent such things from making it into the air in your home, they very well could end up making it into your ductwork. As such, debris that enters your ductwork can create small holes through which warm air can leak out.

Such holes can be a major source of heat leakage and can significantly compromise the effectiveness of your heating system. If you suspect that you have leaky ducts, please request HVAC repair services to seal the leaks. You don’t have to worry about this problem if you have a ductless heating system.

Walls and Doors

During the winter, cold air makes contact with the outdoor portion of your home’s walls and cools them. This cooling can also affect the indoor portion of your walls, chilling your home and forcing your heating system to expend more energy to keep your home warm. The key to preventing this is to either install better insulation in your home’s walls or add to the insulation that you already have.

Walls can also have tiny cracks in them that can exacerbate the aforementioned problem. Doors can also have small cracks through which heat can escape. You’ll have to carefully caulk such cracks to keep heat from flowing out.


Floors — especially basement floors — can be a source of heat loss because they are in touch with the ground, which is quite cold in the winter. Similarly to your walls, your basement floor can have cracks allowing cold air into your space.

Letting heat needlessly dissipate out of your home can cost you quite a bit. Call Island Breeze AC to ask for our heating repair services.

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