Why Does My AC System Trip the Breaker in Surprise, AZ?

Circuit breakers protect your home’s electrical equipment from damage by stopping the flow of current whenever too much of it passes over your wiring. Under normal circumstances, air conditioners shouldn’t trip circuit breakers, and it can be annoying and confusing if they do. Here are four reasons Surprise, AZ, homeowners might see their AC system trip their breaker:

Dirty Air Filters

This is probably the simplest of all breaker-tripping scenarios to resolve. If your air filters are dirty, air won’t flow effectively through your air conditioning system.

Since the system relies on proper airflow, it’ll attempt to compensate for the airflow deficit by drawing in more power and forcing air to move. This might trip your breaker.

The solution is to replace all old or dirty air filters. You should do so every 30-90 days for optimal operation.

Compressor Is Hard Starting

The compressor is the heart of your AC system, compressing refrigerant to help it flow to the condenser to transfer heat. Normally, when you start your air conditioner, the compressor should start smoothly and automatically. However, as your system ages, this may not happen, and the compressor may “hard start” instead.

When the compressor hard starts, it pulls in a great deal of electricity to run. This sudden surge of electric current can easily trip your breaker and potentially requires AC repair services.

Faulty Motor, Busted Fans or Dirty Condenser Coil

If your AC motor is old, the surrounding wire insulation may have worn down, causing a short. If your air conditioner’s fans aren’t functioning, the system may suck in more electricity to try and generate the required level of airflow. A dirty condenser coil means that your unit cannot properly dissipate heat outside, which might lead to overheating.

Breaker Is the Problem

A final possibility is there’s nothing wrong with your AC system. Instead, the breaker itself may be old, undersized or have loose wiring. In that case, you’ll need to call a professional over to check your breaker and either repair or replace it.

It can be frustrating when your AC system trips your circuit breaker. Luckily, professionals can take care of all underlying issues. Call Island Breeze AC today to request our AC maintenance or repair services and we’ll get everything working right.

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