Why Doesn’t My Furnace Ever Stop Running in Peoria, AZ?

The furnace in your Peoria, AZ, home should operate cyclically. It should turn on to warm your home, then turn off and not turn on again until the temperature drops below a set point. If it stays on continuously, this usually indicates a malfunction. Here are some possible reasons your furnace seems to never stop running:

Poor Airflow

If the airflow into your furnace is inadequate, there won’t be enough warm air circulated throughout the house. As a result, it can’t heat your home adequately. If this continues for a long enough time, it may cause internal overheating and seriously damage your heating system.

Many different things can cause poor airflow, but dirty air filters are the most common reason for this problem. Fortunately, if you remember to change your filters once every 90 days, you can prevent this from becoming an issue.

Other causes of poor airflow include clogged valves or a busted flue pipe, which means that your system cannot expel waste effectively. Issues like these require professional intervention in the form of repair or maintenance.

Malfunctioning Blower Motor

Blower motors power your furnace’s fans, which are responsible for getting warm air out into your home. If your furnace’s blowers break down, they won’t be able to warm your home, no matter how well your system can generate heat. Your heating system will run continuously to try to warm the house.

Thermostat Problems

We’ve discussed some underlying issues with the heating system that might cause it to keep working, but sometimes the problem is the thermostat. Perhaps you inadvertently set an unrealistically high temperature on the thermostat, leading to your furnace never shutting off. Another possibility is that some kind of wiring issue or other damage keeps the device from sending the right signals to your heating system.

The furnace in your Peoria, AZ, home should always cycle regularly. If it doesn’t, call Island Breeze AC and ask for our furnace repair services.

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